About me

I have spent the past 20 years in design and innovation, the creation of IP and the development of international brands. Alongside gifted colleagues, that work has been honoured by the Apple Design Award, the Royal Television Society Award, D&AD, BIMA, Webby’s and the Art Director’s Club in New York and used by over 20 million people.

Some of this work has been created while serving as part of the global creative leadership for agencies in WPP and Publicis Groupe and some in venture capital-backed startups. Today, I’m the founder and CEO of healthtech company Aide Health and the author of Spark for the Fire: How Youthful Thinking Unlocks Creativity.

A significant portion of my time is still spent on creative education. For the past six years, I have been the Resident Executive Creative Director of D&AD Shift, a free night school for underrepresented young creatives. More information about me here.

Who is this newsletter for?

This writing, like that in my book, is for people in creative careers of any discipline and those in creative education. If you want me to cover a specific topic or have a question, contact me on LinkedIn.

Will this suddenly have a paywall?

No, it will remain free. If you feel you would benefit, you can buy my books and courses. Otherwise, keep your money.

Why this newsletter?

Creative careers are hard, but most people in them or pursuing them can’t imagine doing anything else, so they need support. I routinely need it. That said, there is too much perspective shared by theorists and not enough shared by practitioners. This newsletter aims to reduce that gap.

My thoughts and advice are not absolute. There is no single right way of doing anything in creativity. Take the things that resonate with you and ignore the things that don’t.

I hope you enjoy reading.


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Ian Wharton

Founder and CEO of Aide Health • Author of Spark for the Fire • Designer